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       © 2014 The Henna Company Miami

   Heather grew up loving all forms of the arts, drawing, painting, music and cooking.
    While enrolled in cosmetology school in 2005, Heather 

discovered henna.  


It reignited her interest in drawing 

and body painting. With no other artist

nearby to teach her, she read everything 

she could find about henna, learning the

do's & don'ts  and most importantly how

to mix the perfect paste. Before she 

knew it, a passion for the this past time

 became a business.  This self taught 

henna artist went on to win a local henna
 competition in 2013 put on by Desh Videsh Magazine, as well as provided art work for the Acacia Swimwear fashion show during Swim week 2015 on Miami Beach.

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