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Body Art Services Offered by
Licensed Esthetician


Bridal Henna/Mehndi |Destination Weddings| Birthday parties | Baby showers |Corporate events & Individual appointment Services



Bridal Henna/Mehndi


   All henna paste is mixed from scratch using only the finest organic ingredients. Natural Henna paste is mixed fresh for each appointment to ensure freshness. 

  Bridal Henna should be done 2 days before the wedding to allow the stain to darken and look its best. Application time for Bridal Henna varies  based on design choice. Example: Light coverage1 hour ,Full coverage 6 hours.


Bridal Henna price starts at $150  and goes up depending on size and intricacy of design.

A consultation is recommended for pricing.


Wedding guests 

   Simple strip designs can be done in about 5 minutes. Full hand designs take 10 minutes per design (one side). The Henna Company Miami can provide multiple artists for large wedding parties wedding parties. Let us know in advance how many guests you expect.



Bridal shower or Baby Shower 

Henna is great for bridal shower, baby shower or even a girls night. 

Parties are charged by the hour.


Corporate events

Corporate events are charged by the hour. If the event is very large a second artist can be requested.





Private Appointments for Body Art start at $100.
No travel fee for appointments within 20 miles .
A travel fee will apply for appointments in Monroe, Broward, West Palm Beach Counties and abroad.


For bookings requiring one or more full days of travel, a daily rate will be quoted.


How long will it take?  
Length of tattoo time depends on design & amount of detail being done. Example: A simple design about 4x4 inch takes about 5 minutes.

                  A larger piece, like on the back can take 1hour or more.

If possible providing a picture  can help give a better idea of the desired  design and will help estimate time.




Henna is a great idea for parties! Everyone leaves with a unique design that will last for weeks and memories that last a lifetime. Henna is great fun at birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, bridal showers, baby showers and belly blessings , ladies nights, etc. A minimum of 2 hours is suggested for groups of 10 or more.


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